Clionsky Neuro Systems (CNS)

Our mission is to improve the quality of care to all patients suffering from loss of cognitive function.

Our Focus:
Develop, deliver and support techology-based diagnostics and treatment protocols based on our clinical research involving patients who at high risk for cognitive loss.
Our Approach:
Develop strategic corporate relationships with industry leaders in target markets.
– Pharmaceuticals
– Imaging
– Benefits management
– Insurance
– Large health care organizations
– Large practice groups
Our Purpose:
– Improve patient outcomes and quality of life
– Provide care in the most efficient and cost effective way possible
– Adapt rapidly to cost containment initiatives from primary payors

Who We Are

We Provide Patient Centered Comprehensive Diagnostics With Compassionate Care

Our proprietary computerized diagnostics and report generation system enables better decision making regarding patient care options.

We have a proven ability to translate complex medical, neurological, psychological disease and wellness concepts into practical tools that optimize patient care and outcomes.


Chronic progressive states
Dementia of all causes
Long term CVA effects
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinsonian syndromes
Down’s syndrome
Long term effects of cancer,
chemo/radiation treatment
Pulmonary disorders: COPD
Depression and other affective disorders

Medical conditions / Rehabilitative states
Post operative hip or knee replacement
Coronary bypass grafts
Valve replacement/repair
Intensive care unit delirium post discharge from hospital
Acute coronary syndrome -MI
Traumatic brain injury